Charlies Nail Art – Glitter Pumpkin Charm*

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the colder weather like I am :’)

Today, I have some more Halloweeny nails for you although they are super cute. I will be using a 3D Glitter Pumpkin Charm, they are 25p for a pack of two (which can be used for accent nails on each hand) and are flat backed so stay on the nail well.


This is how the product comes, as always if you are going to use just one be careful removing the staple and you can store them in the baggy that they come in until needed.

Firstly, I decided to paint my nails orange to match the pumpkin.


This is the first time I have used this colour and it is perfect for pumpkins. I also painted on some black straight/wavy lines on all my fingers except for the ring finger for a more pumpkin effect.


To do this I used a striping brush and acrylic paint – someone told me that using acrylic paint on top coat means you could scrap it away if you made a mistake but that didn’t work for me as you can see on the pointer finger.


I added top coat too all my nails and once that dried add an extra blob onto the ring finger to stick on the pumpkin.


The pumpkin is big enough to pick up with my fingers and place down where I want it. Due to me having narrow nails the pumpkin takes up most of my nail but if you had wider nails the pumpkin would sit nicely in the middle.


I love these, apart from being super cute, they are super easy to use and anyone could use them. They could also be stuck on using gel and once it is cured it shouldn’t move as well as nail glue.


Don’t forget you can use NBK10 for 10% off your full order! Until next week;

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.


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