Charlies Nail Art – Haunt Mansion*

Happy Sunday!!

Today I have a nail art manicure using Haunted Mansion 3D Nail Art Charms by Charlies Nail Art, they are 29p for two! Which is an amazing price for good quality charms, I assume it is a pack of two for an accent nail on each hand. Another good pro about these charms are that are curved so they fit on the nail nicely without sticking out at either end.

This is how the product comes, be careful removing the staple if you plan on keep them in the bag and only using one – for these type of charms I remove them from the bags and into wheels or other cases.


I painted my nails using Pay it Fashion Forward from China Glaze, which I purchased from Nail Polish Direct.

20180930_151443I then decided on what I wanted my design to be and stamped on some images of bats and a moon with a bat in the middle using a gold stamping polish to match the charm.


The charms are not fiddly and are super easy to use with tweezers. I could pick it up using my fingers but they got in the way when I was placing onto my nail.


I applied a large blob of top coat and used this to stick the charm to my nail, if you wanted it to stay there for a while, I guess you could use nail glue or gel top coat and cure it.


I added top coat to all my other nails and this is the first mani. I love this one, the colours look great together and I am so happy I picked the purple as the base colour.


I would recommend these charms for anyone, don’t forget to use NBK10 for 10% off your full order.

Speak to you all soon!

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox,


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