Charlies Art Nail – Spider Nail Art Decals*

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Today I have another Halloween Mani for you! I am so excited for Halloween, I never actually do anything for it but this year I am going to Halloween Bongo Bingo (where I need to be dressed up, if you have any suggestions that aren’t the usual costumes let me know) and I am going to the woods for a Halloween walk, which looks bloody terrifying and did I mention – I am such a scaredy cat, and have only seen one horror film.

I used, Spider Nail Art Decals, which are actually little glitters shaped as spiders. I thought when I got my bag they were a mix between bronze and black however they are double sided so you can choose what colour you use! I have never seen anything like that before. They are 75p for a pack of 25 approx.

This is how they come, be careful removing the staple so the bag doesn’t rip.  This is also what the spiders look like by themselves.

Firstly, remove any old nail varnish that you may have on and apply a base coat layer.

I painted my nails white so I had a stand out background, I also applied a layer of liquid latex as I planned on stamping a spider web image onto my nails for the spiders to sit on.

This is the image I used but I removed the spider image so I can add my own. Once you have stamped all of you nails, remove the liquid latex.


I cleaned up any excess polish around my nails and added a layer of glossy top coat.

While the top coat is still tacky, I picked up the spider just using my finger and placed it where I wanted them. I then added a thick layer on top to encase the spiders so they didn’t catch anything while I was using my hands.


This is the finished mani, I love the way it came out and I love the spiders, I am glad I choose the bronze side over the black because I think they may have been harder to see.

Everyone would be able to use these and don’t forget that you can get 10% off using my discount code NBK10

thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.


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