Charlies Nail Art – Cottage in the Woods*

Happy Tuesday everyone!

As always, I am super late with ‘Sunday’ blog post… although this week I have a valid excuse this time (I think). I ran the Great North sunday and have been super tired since!

I have some more nail wraps from Charlies Nail Art this week, this time I have taken a little break from Halloween (don’t worry it isn’t for long!) and I have some autumnal wraps.

These are called Cottage in the Woods, the cottage in the background is super cute! They are 89p for a full set of 10. As always, super easy to use and apply and look fab.


This is how the decals come, I love the packaging Charlie sends her decals in, actually not many people send their decals in packaging they always just come as they are and I have some damaged this way but never with Charlie’s

This is how the decals look without the packaging. When using decals it is important to remember to peel off the plastic backing or this will ruin the decals and make them unusable (I am still waiting on a genius to come up with a way to save decals if you forget, I always do!)


Once you have peeled off the plastic, I cut around the decals ready to use, I always keep them laid out in the order they should be just so I don’t mess them up.


Using tweezers, pick up the decal and submerge it in water for about 20 seconds, if they decal doesn’t slide of the backing paper submerge it back into the water 10 seconds at a time until it does slide off.


Remove all polish and excess oils etc.


I like to use nail foil glue rather than a base coat, because it stays sticking for longer and actually grips the decal rather it sliding around.

When you apply the foil glue it goes on white and once it is dry/tacky it goes clear and shiny.


Using the tweezers I applied the decals where I wanted on my nails.

Dipping a small brush into acetone, I carefully go around my cuticles the piece around my cuticles is now easy to remove in one step because it isn’t all soggy off acetone.


I added a glossy top coat but think these decals would look good in matte too.


This is my finished mani and I love the results, decals make nail art look so easy and professional.

Don’t forget you can get 10% off using NBKT10.

Until next week (I mean I will try and make sure I am on time! :’))

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.


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