Charlies Nail Art – This is Halloween*

Hello everyone,

What a surprise… I am a day late! I participated in a Marathon Walk this weekend so I had no energy to go get my laptop to upload this blog post.

But I am now all rested so getting myself organised. Today I feel like Summer is well and truly over, it is raining outside and looks miserable – that can only mean one thing… more halloween nails!

I have more decals by Charlie’s Nail Art this time using the decals called This is Halloween. Last week I used full nail wraps/decals, this week I will be using decal’s that are used to create nail art but you must do the background.

The decals are 99p for 20 individual decals in 5 different patterns.

This is how the decals come.


Don’t forget when you are using decal’s that some times you may have to remove the plastic coating. *Please note; if you miss this step the decal will be ruined and not sit correctly on the nail*

Firstly, prep the nail. Remove any old nail varnish.


I painted my nails white, this is so the decals stand out. I also didn’t put any other design on top of the white as I planned to create some glow in the dark nails however they didn’t work. But you could add blood spatter onto the nails before adding the decal’s to make them more halloweeny.


Once I added top coat to my nails, I used a small pair of nail scissors to cut out the decals I wanted to use on my nails.


Using tweezers to pick up the decal, I put it in a small amount of water for around 20 seconds.

You know the decal is ready to be used when it easily slides off the white backing paper, if it does not do this place back into the water for a farther 10 seconds and try again, repeat those steps until the decal easily comes away.


I then added the decals to my nails where I wanted them to go and added top coat to keep my nail shiny and so the decal does not move.

Here is what the finally mani looks like.


I did stamp on the bats and witch and they were going to my glow in the dark nails however it did not work so I could have added the haunted house and pumpkin decals to my nails instead.

These decals are super easy to use and could be used by anyone!

Also always you can get 10% off your order using NBKT10.

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.


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