Charlies Nail Art – Weekly Review

Happy Sunday!!

I have another review for Charlies Nail Art this week. I tried loose glitter again this week and using the tips from my previous loose glitter blog I used it to cover the full nail rather then just some nail art. Although products were sent to me for free all opinions are honest (I regularly buy products from Charlie with my own money and love her brand!)

The glitter I used was Jewels in the Sand mix which is a gold based glitter with fine and large glitters in pink, purple and red. If you look at the photos that Charlie has on her website you can see the glitter better then what I have showed. (I should of shaken my bag so that the large bits were mixed in rather then sunk to the bottom).

This is how the product comes;

It is in a resealable bag and is 4 grams. It is perfect to use on your natural nail as well as encapsulate in gel or acrylic (which I am sure I will try out once I am qualified).

Step 1: Base coat all your nails and paint your nails that you aren’t using glitter on.


Step 2; Add foil glue to the nail you want to add the glitter too. (Make sure you don’t get glue to your skin or cuticle otherwise it will stick to there as well)


Step 3; While you are waiting for the foil glue to dry, add the glitter mix to the top of a stamper (I use a clear one so I can see what I am doing), I did this by just dipping my finger in the bag and patting on top.


Step 4; Once the foil glue has gone clear and is tacky press the glitter on to your nail


Step 5; Add a quick dry top coat – this to set the glitter and then I add a thicker top coat to encapsulate it so it isn’t a textured nail.

My finished mani;


The bag is 75p and I am sure will last me a while! Glitter seems to be so easy now I learnt the stamper trick so I am sure that even beginners could use this.


Don’t forget you can get 10% off your order using discount code NBKT10.

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.


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