Jamberry 7 Day Challenge

Hello my lovelies!

This week I have been trying out the Jamberry 7 Day Challenge. This is where you wear a Jamberry wrap and normal varnish for 7 days (taking a before and after picture). I assume this is to show that the Jamberry will last the week and most nail varnish would chip in that time.

This is my before picture;

Please ignore my terrible cuticles – Monday was a cold day and I left my oil and creams at home

The application of the Jamberry was a little harder then I anticipated it to be – partly down to my skinny ass nails and none of the sizes really fit well (I settled for the one in the picture in the end – maybe a little big at the cuticles but small so it didn’t touch the side walls). I also struggled to find a heat source to warm the wrap up – all my lights are LED so they don’t get hot, it was also a little late to put the hair dryer on so I decided to put my straighteners on and hold the wrap close to them and that worked. On my before pictures the sides look like they are already lifting but they weren’t I think the angle of the photo hasn’t helped.

This is my photo after 7 days;


At some point during the week the nail under my Jamberry snapped – so the top of the Jamberry started to go mis-shaped. It also had begun to lift at the cuticles too but nothing a little more top coat couldn’t of fixed. I was also surprised at my nail varnish lasting a week with just tip wear – that never happens. The nail varnish is two different ones from Leighton Denny layered on top of each other.

I have a few more Jamberry wraps – which I think I will try again but cut them down to size correctly so they fit my cuticle area and side wall of nails.

Thank you Katie for sending me the samples!

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.


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