Charlie’s Nail Art – Weekly Review

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I am mentally preparing myself to go back to work tomorrow after a lovely two weeks off!

Today, I have some Rose Garden Wraps which are perfect for Spring/Summer (if we actually get one!!) they are 89p and a pack comes with a enough to do all 10 nails.

I love using Charlie’s Nail Wrap’s/Decals, all the ones I have tried are white back which saves so much time applying a base colour and waiting for it to dry etc. It also means they aren’t to flimsy which makes them a little easier to apply.

This is how the product comes;


Step 1: Remove the product from the plastic wrapping and the cardboard sleeve


Step 2: Remove the plastic covering the decal *this is an important step, if you miss this then you will basically ruin your mani!*


Step: 3: Cut out the decals along the edge of the image

Step 4: Add the decal to some water *I used warm water from the tap*


Step 5: After 20-30 seconds remove the decal from the water, and push the image with your thumb to remove it from the backing (if it doesn’t move easily, put back in the water and try again after 10 seconds)


Step 6: Apply foil glue (you could use a base coat). Wait until it is partially dry (tacky)


Step 7: I used tweezers to line up the decal to where I wanted and placed it down onto my nail

Step 8: Dipping a small brush into some acetone, I carefully press onto the decal in the area’s you don’t want

Step 9: Once all excess is remove, apply a layer of top coat.

This is what my finished my mani looks like.


Another look.


These decals are perfect for all levels of nail art enthusiasts whether they have short or long nails, make sure you check out the rest of the website for a ton more designs and other nail art essentials at cheap prices. You can also get 10% off using my discount code NBKT10 to get even more money off. *Although these were sent to me for free all opinions are honest*

Thank you for reading,
Katie, xox.


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