Fox Decal – Monthly Kaz Creations Review

This month the lovely Kaz sent me some Fox decals which are super super cute!

I always look forward to the time of the month that Kaz from Kaz Creations gets in touch, she has some lovely vinyls and decals for some amazing prices.

fox decals
This is what the decals look like.

You get 73 decals for £4.00 that is insane and so cheap but they don’t scrimp on the quality.

Below are the images of my finished mani and my tutorial will be up on my Instagram later today.


Decals are so easy to use;
Step 1: Paint your nails whatever colour you like – remembering that you can not go too dark as the decals will not show up
Step 2: Apply a quick drying top coat
Step 3: Cut out the decal and soak it in water for a round 15 seconds
Step 4: Apply the decal on your nail
Step 5: Apply another layer of coat

All finished.

I also used a thermal polish from Born Pretty Store, it wasn’t the best and I had wished I used another grey, I used a lovely grey gel on my cindy and that looked a lot better. The polish it self looked pretty but the quality wasn’t great and cracked when it changed colours.

Nice and easy nail art that looks fabulous.

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.



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