What I got for Christmas


I hope you had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year.

I had a great Christmas and spent it with my other half and my family during the day, and my other half’s family on the evening and Boxing Day. It was so fun and we had a lot of laughs – we actually managed to play Monopoly without fighting who does that!! Also, who knew kazoo’s where so much.

I spent New Year’s Eve at home with my other half, we made homemade cocktails and just had a laugh and watched the fire works from our sitting room window.

Any ways… I asked on Instagram if anyone would be interested in a What I got for Christmas blog post and they said yes. *I just want to say that this is no way bragging about what I got – I am really lucky and I appreciate everything I got*

Just to make it a little easier, I will section the blog post off from who the gifts are off.

Firstly, presents off my other half – we usually never do presents so this year it was quite nice that we did. But we exchanged them a few weeks earlier as I needed it for my works Christmas party and he wanted his present too.

I have recently fell in love with makeup so I got quite a haul (I got this on black friday when they had a sale!!) from Tam Beauty (which is Make Up Revolution, Freedom and I heart Make Up). I got the Make up Revolution Life on the Dance Floor eye shadow palette, Pro Eraser Glove, Invite Only & Head Turner Lipstick, Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in purple, Lip geek in Smile is the best makeup, Freedom Pro Melts naked and Vamp collection and lastly Solid brush cleaner from Obsession.


My favourite of these two is head turner, it actually turns out invite only is a lot paler then the picture showed and doesn’t suit me as I am also pale but this would be a lovely colour for something with a tan.

When I bought these I thought they were liquid lipsticks – even though it says gloss on the packaging, I clear wasn’t paying attention. In the nude shades I love the middle and dark shade and they are becoming my go too’s even though I haven’t wore lip gloss in years. In the Vamp’s collection I love the middle shade Villian, it is gorgeous, it will be unlikely that I will wear the lightest shade but it is a lovely colour it is just not a ‘me’ colour.

I bought this because it was in the sale and couldn’t tell how light it was on the photo’s. It turns out it is too pale for me but the formula is gorgeous! This would be a lovely colour for someone with more of a tan then I have.

I love love love this liquid lipstick. It goes on so smoothly and the colour is beautiful, I now just need a nightout so I can wear it properly!

Once I had this, I cleaned all my brushed. Since I am new to makeup I don’t really have that many, around 30-ish and it barely made dint in the cleaner it was super easy to use, just wet your brush and swirl it round in the cleaner I then used my silicone mitt to clean it more thoroughly.

This is the Life on the Dance Floor, it is gorgeous and I will have a full review of it and will link it here when it is done.

From my parents and my younger brother I got nail things – obviously.

My younger brother I got a haul from Born Pretty Store, a claw grabber, two thermal polishes, two square stamping plate holders and several stamping plates.

I can not wait to use these stamping plates, they are so pretty. I am especially excited to use the sugar skull one it is gorgeous. 20180104_210206.jpg

I love these cases and I should of maybe counted my stamping plates so I knew how many to ask my brother for as I have filled both already and still have plates left over. They come in either blue or pink, I got blue ones as I am not a pink person. I also plan on getting the long stamping cases to organise those stamping plates that I have.

My parents got me a silver carry case which is huge and fits all of my nail art things in which is amazing and super easy to transport to my folk’s to do my mam’s nails. She also got me some nail art bits, nail protectors, nail clips, clear stamper, two liquid latex’s, a stamping plate, glossy and matte gel top coat, a base coat, three different gel polishes,four glass nail files and some emery boards. As well as the obligatory bag of sweets.

I am so happy to have this and I can finally free up space in my desk draws for my art stuff! Plus this keeps it all together and it is easier to transport to my parents – whenever my mam wants her nails doing!

I love the nail art bits that my parents gave me, I needed some clips to remove my gel nails as I was still using the tin foil method. The nail guards are perfect to save time on clean up for nail art and gradients!! I have used them already and made the clean up so easy and I created the best gradient I have ever done (check it out on my Instagram). I am currently testing out the gel top and base coat as I have a few of these and some of them are not very good and my nails always end up peeling off or clipping with a week and considering how long gel should last that isn’t great. I have had my nails done for about 2 weeks now and they still look great so I am so happy to have these! The colours my mam picked are lovely too, my favourite is the black holo one, but I can not wait to try the thermal polish.

I have been with my other half for NINE years this year so I get presents off his family.

Off his family I got a necklace from Shierking Violet, it matches a ring I got for my birthday – it is made with real flowers!! I got bell jar with a drinks tap, a ton of sweets, a beautiful watch, some booze and we got a personalised calendar.

On new years eve we made homemade cocktails and used the mason jar and it is fab and holds a lot of cocktail! Once you start to get a bit tipsy it is the best thing ever that it has a tap! The calendar that we his sister made us is just beautiful and super cute and thoughtful.

I love quirky jewellery and this watch is perfect. It is very me and I love it.

This necklace is to die for. I have the matching ring that I got for my birthday and I always wear silver jewellery so when my favourite silver necklace snapped I was gutted and couldn’t find one I liked enough to replace it until now. I will never have this off!

We also do a secret Santa at work and my secret Santa did amazing!! They got me a nail polish ring holder and a nail art book from Ciate.


I every much doubt whoever got me this from work is reading this but thank you so much it is actually perfect! At work we don’t ever tell who we got because then what is the point in it being called secret santa – so I can never really thank them in person – a group thank you will have to do.

Presents from me to me. I bought some black mom jeans, two white slogan tshirts (one says I hate you which is very me and one says girls do it better), six cat eye gel polishes and a new LED gel lamp from Melody Susie.

I am so happy that I have FINALLY replaced my UV Lamp as it so old and huge compared to this one – I think I will gift my old one to my mam so she can her nails.

I would just like to say again, I am no way bragging and I realise I am super lucky to receive all these presents and super grateful to my other half, my family, my other half’s family and my work family too.

Well… this took me an age to write on the iPad and I am currently binge watching How I Met your Mother. << That was 3 days ago, when you upload photos on the iPad to WordPress you are unable to edit the size and create collages which is a pain so I had to wait for the laptop to be free from my other half who is busying playing Football Manager.

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.



    1. nails_by_kt

      I did very well!!
      I usually never say what I want for Christmas, my mam knows too well that I would be happy with anything and she just found out I had a blog so wanted to help me get a few better things.
      I usually wouldn’t get that much make up in one go as I would feel to guilty but Tam Beauty had a sale on and it was too hard to pass up! hahha :’) xx

      Liked by 1 person

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