Madam Glam – Builder Gel

Today I have a post about Madam Glam’s builder gel.

A few weeks ago (maybe even longer now) I snapped one of my nails and usually that means that I cut them all down and then they are too small to do anything on and I have to start the growing process again – which is a pain.

I was applying gel base coat, a nude colour and gel top coat in the hope that this would be like builder gel and keep my nails strong while they grow out – I was wrong, I found because I had several layers on my nails they were quite bulky which meant I picked at my nails and as I was doing nail art over the top of it and removing it they started to peel away even though I used non acetone remover.

I had seen several people on Instagram talk about builder gel and that they use it under their nail art especially if they were prone to nail breaks i.e almond or square nails. I noticed that the lovely Alessandra from upadaisynails had on her Instagram about needing to fill in her builder gel because it had grown out, so I got chatting to her about it and what she used and asked her a ton questions about how long it lasted, was it thick (this was the main thing as when it started to grow out I didn’t want it be noticeable in my mani’s if I wasn’t up to date filling it in) did it work etc?

She was super helpful and even helped me find a UK stockist (Lilly Beau) for Madam Glam products. I decided to take the plunge and go for it and just order some, it is however a little pricey (for me anyways) which is why I put it off for so long. I decided to treat myself and order the builder gel and I had seen a swatch of a thermal purple to blue glitter gel polish which I loved so I bought that too. Alessandra also had a 20% discount code (Lilly Beau also have one on their Instagram for your first order) which brought the price down a little. Each polish was £15.99 for a 15ml bottle, with the discount code and postage I paid £28.36 which for 2 bottles of nail varnish is so expensive in my eyes but heyhoo I guess everyone needs a treat once in a while.

Although, a little pricey I am actually so impressed with the products!! I apply gel manicures to my cindy hand a lot as I don’t change up the nail art as often as my ‘Insta’ hand but they usually peel/lift within the week – which is probably down to my application as well as using ‘cheaper’ products. However, I found that using the thermal gel on my cindy hand it was still there 2/3 weeks later without any lifting or peeling.

I have created one nail on my cindy hand with the builder gel as it snapped right at the bottom of my nail and I didn’t want to cut them all down and then applied a small layer on the rest just to keep they strong and to stop any staining. On my ‘Insta’ hand I have applied an overlay on all my nails to keep them from breaking. I have had to replace it once already due to being a lifeguard in the school holidays and doing a lot of staff training my nails under the builder gel became soft and then came away from the builder gel. However when the nails dried the builder gel didn’t budge but I didn’t want to risk water being stuck between the two so I have remove and redid them – this time I am going to take progress shots and see how long they actually last as I am back at work and shouldn’t be going in the pool as much.




Looking at the photos above you wouldn’t even be able to tell that I had anything on my nails, apart from that they look a bit dull rather then shiny.

The formula is actually quite thick in the bottle but you are able to apply thin coats, I did two super thin coats on my nails and they feel so strong and I have knocked them a few times which they would normal snap but they haven’t. With the builder gel being applied with a nail varnish brush it makes it 293847238 times easier than with a gel brush (the flat nail art type brush) because it is just like painting your nails.

I will update everyone in a few weeks or so with how long this lasted and photos of it growing out and how easy it is to fill it in!

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.


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