October 4th – Skeleton / Cemetery

Well I have managed to do two prompts so far GlamNail Challenge, does that mean I am on a roll?!

For this mani, I also combined this with ClaireStelle8 challenge so I have a rather happy skeleton in a cemetery with hands coming out the ground.  

I kind of hate my happy skeleton but didn’t release until after I stamped him, aw well. I did a gradient too which I am never any good at, apart from one nail which I did like :’)

Now, can you totally see what I mean about my happy looking skeleton. I love the mani apart from him, he needs to look sad or angry :’) My favourite nail is the pinky nail but the gradient is the pointer finger.

Step One (Optional): Apply a base coat – I use Avon UK Gold Strengthening base coat which has little flecks of gold in it

Step Two: Paint your nails in a colour of you choice – I used Avon UK Cloudy Sky from the Gel Shine Collection

Step Three: Apply a dark colour to a makeup sponge with the lighter colour already on your nails and sponge onto your nails.

Step Four: Pick your stamping image – I used stamping plate QGirl-002 from Born Pretty Store 

Step Five: Apply the image to your nail using a stamper – I used my Clear Jelly Stamper 

Step Six: Apply a top coat – I used Essence Cosmetics Quick Dry Top Coat

Thank you for reading,

Katie xox.


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