October Nail Art Challenge/s

Well, I am having a nightmare of a time blogging.

I have tried since my last post but my nail art didn’t turn out good enough and I really didn’t like it so it wasn’t fair to review products when I didn’t like the outcome (especially when it wasn’t the products fault).

This month to keep me super busy I have decided to do two nail art challenges and they are both Halloween – which is my favourite time of year.

As I am currently having a creative lull I thought doing something like this would take some of the thinking out of my mani’s and I would be able to produce something I liked.

The two I am going to take part in are the GlamNails Challenge and the Clairestelle8 Challenge.


GlamNails Challenge is going to be the main one I am completing. I do plan on doing about 5/6 prompts on the Clairestelle one – but we will see what happens. I have wrote in my diary the ones I plan to do and when they will be posted so I can do as many as possible. At the minute, I don’t plan on repeating any prompts but I may get inspired and do a prompt twice.

So, the plan is to do;
October 1st – Black Cat (GN)
October 4th – Skeleton and Cemetery (mixing both prompts)
October 7th – Zombies – I am missing this prompt as I recently did a zombie mani and wouldn’t know how to change it up
October 8th – Pumpkins (GN)
October 10th – Vampire/Bats (CS)
October 11th – Spiderweb (GN)
October 14th – Creepy Carnival – I am missing this prompt as I have 0 ideas or tools for this one
October 15th – Candy Corn (GN)
October 17th – Pumpkins (CS) – I am missing this one due to already doing one in the GlamNails Challenge as I don’t actually have that many oranges or tools to create two different pumpkin looks
October 18th – Sugar Skull (GN)
October 21st – Skull (CS)
October 22nd Haunted House (GN)
October 24th – Favourite Halloween Movie (CS) – Missing this one as I don’t watch horror films so don’t really have any idea what I would do.
October 25th – Ghosts (GN)
October 28th – Monsters (CS)
October 29th – Frankenstein (GN) – Missing this one as I dont have any tools or plates and I can’t free hand
October 31st – Halloween (CS) – I really want to do this one but I am so unsure what to do at the minute.

That is a lot of mani’s, filming, editing and blogging, I really hope I can do this!

Fingers crossed!

I would love some idea’s for the Halloween prompt, because all I can think of is what I have done for the other prompts and I don’t want them to be the same.

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.



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