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Hi Guys,

Well it has been such a busy week, I have been at work so haven’t had much time to post or even do my nails.

The lovely Gemma from Nail Art UK posted last week (or maybe the week before) asking if anyone would like to review some decals/stickers for her before she goes on her maternity leave. I asked if I could help her out and she said yes, she sent me 6 decal/sticker sets – which I cant wait to show you, over a few posts.


Today I am reviewing a decal set called Flower and Birds and they are beautiful! I love decals, they are such an easy nail art tool/accessory and are super easy and quick to use.

I was really surprised by these decals, usually cheap decals are so so delicate they are a nightmare to work with but these are so sturdy and easy to move around and don’t just rip up like some others I have used.

They are 99p for 33 individual decals, they come in different sizes on the sheet so are perfect for all nail shapes and sizes. You can get them here >> Nail Art UK.

They come in a clear plastic packaging that also has instructions on the back so you know how to apply them. img_2542.jpg

There are so many different mani’s you can use these for. I decided to have a plain creme background, some simple stamping and the decal on top. For my mani I did have to use the smaller images in this set for my fingers (big ones for my thumb) as my finger nails are super skinny and can’t fit much on width ways.

I was also surprised with these decals as they have a white background behind the actual image so they are fully opaque and you can see the full colour of these as well as my stamping not showing through.

To use these you need too;
Step One: Paint your nails a colour of you choice and wait to dry
Step Two: Apply a top coat – I usually do this but don’t think it is a must
Step Three: Cut out the decal you would like to use
Step Four: Hold the decal under water for up to twenty seconds
Step Five: Slide the decal off the backing paper
Step Six: Put on your nail wherever you would like
Step Seven: Pat dry with a cotton pad
Step Eight: Apply top coat
Step Nine: Apply Cuticle oil

Here is a macro shot of my design;

Photo 25-08-2017, 1 23 42 pm
Here is the macro shot for my nail design.

As you can see the decal is so clear and the colours are so vivid.

Photo 25-08-2017, 1 24 37 pm
Full Mani

Ignoring my terrible dry cuticles and fingers I love this mani! I have used a new light as well so hopefully my photos will be improving.

If you want to check out the full tutorial for this design please click here.

I will be uploading an Instagram tutorial soon so keep your eyes peeled for that as well as my other posts about the rest of the decals/stickers that I have pictured above!

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.


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