The Walking Dead

I have a confession to make, I have never actually seen The Walking Dead. I am a bit of a wuss and I think it might be too scary for me, haha! :’)

After just googling for the image for this post, I now realise that the zombies in it are modern day zombies and are not in fact green. *aw well* 

I recently got a Creative Shop stamping plate from Rainbow Connection I got number 9 which is no longer on the website but they have some lovely plates. I wouldn’t recommend them if you have small nails, as the images so really big. A lot of the images on my plate wouldn’t fit on my nails and I could consider my nails to be pretty long, although mine are quite narrow width ways the images are still huge.

Anyways, I really enjoyed creating these nails. I love blood splatter and I am not sad I have done them now instead of waiting for Halloween. I’ll just have to come up with some other Halloween ideas. Thank god its a little while away as I made such a mess doing these! :’)

For the full tutorial, please click here. I will be uploading the quicker one to Instagram but it may not be until I return from my camping trip but I will try and post.

Photo 29-07-2017, 1 38 21 pm

Step one: Paint your nails white, I used Iced Queen a one step gel
Step two: Apply liquid latex around your nails for easier clean up
Step three: Get a spare hair grip (bobbi pin) whatever they are called where you are from
Step four: Paint the end closed end with red nail varnish and position above your nails
Step five: Blow into and the excess red varnish should spatter onto your nails
Step six: Repeat as many times as you like
Step seven: Top coat all nails
Step eight: Pick your stamping images, I used Creative Shop Number 9 plate
Step nine: Pick up your image using your stamper, I used Essence black stamping polish and both my Essence stamper and Clear Jelly Stamper
Step ten: Colour in the images of your zombies and then go over it on the stamper with a clear polish
Step eleven: Once it is dry peel off the stamper and place on your nails – use non acetone remover to remove the bits you don’t want
Step twelve: Using the same plate and stamping polish, I pick up the The Walking Dead image with my Clear Jelly Stamper and place on my nails
Step thirteen: Apply gel shine top coat – I used one from Avon UK
Step fourteen: Apply cuticle oil – I used Essence nail repairing oil

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.


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