Pineapple Nail Art


I am hoping my Blog and my YouTube has worked and the schedule setting has posted this when I want too. I am currently away camping at the minute and have done some blog posts and videos to upload automatically. *fingers crossed*

I have another ‘Summer’ Pineapple mani for you today – I absolutely love Pineapple.

These nails are inspired by the lovely Kathy from kt_tk1 – she has also done a few pineapple nails! Go check out her Instagram for her original photo and all her other lovely photos.

To check out the full tutorial, click here. I am hoping to upload the quicker tutorial to Instagram when I am away but I might not be able to which is why I am making sure it is on YouTube.

Photo 29-07-2017, 2 21 10 pm

Step one: Paint your pointer finger, I used Black from Avon UK
Step two: Paint your middle and little finger white, I used Iced Queen a One Step Gel
Step three: Paint your ring finger yellow, I used a pastel Yellow from Avon UK
Step four: Top Coat using a gel shine top coat all fingers, I used one from Avon UK
Step five: For the pineapple fingernail, I used Bundle Monster plates BM-S408
Step six: For the middle finger, apply liquid latex for easier clean up
Step seven: Apply vinyls to nail, I used vinyls from She Sells Seashells
Step eight: Using a sponge, apply the colour to the sponge and then sponge on to the nail
Step nine: Repeat if necessary
Step ten: Remove the vinyls and the liquid latex
Step eleven: Clean up using non acetone remover
Step twelve: Apply gel shine top coat – I used one from Avon UK
Step thirteen: Apply cuticle oil – I used Essence nail repairing oil

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.



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