Aloha Nail Art

Firstly,  I am going to start by saying I absolutely LOVE these nails.

I think these could possibly be up there with the best nails (design wise) that I have done, they are definitely in the top 3!

They are just so simple but effective and I didn’t smudge the stamping which is always a good start, haha.

I am starting to get through all my Bundle Monster nautical plates, which is good. I can’t really use the family ties one, until next mothers and fathers day, I go to a wedding or someone has a baby. So those plates won’t have many blog posts until next year probably.

Anyways, back to the nautical plates, which I love! At the minute, they are my favourite there are so many ideas/designs that would be done and I can’t wait to do more.

I have a little issue with the pick of the images some times, but I think that is down to my Clear Jelly Stamper because when I use my cheaper Essence one the image is crisp and clear – which is a little annoying considering I paid around £11 for my CJS.

For the full tutorial, please click here.

Step one: Paint a white base – I have used Ice Queen, One Step Gel.
Step two: Pick three colours that match the theme, I used Cindy and Emerald for Vegan Beauty Cosmetics and Carribean Coral from Seventeen Nail Colour
Step three: Wipe off the polish from the brush, and then swipe that onto the nail in strokes, I do two strokes per nail per each colour
Step four: Apply gel shine top coat – I used one from Avon UK
Step five: Pick your stamping plates, I used Bundle Monster plates BM-S405 and BM-S409
Step six: Pick you stamping polish, I used black Essence Cosmetics
Step seven: Pick up the image you want to stamp on your nails onto your stamper – I used my Clear Jelly Stamper.
Step eight: Stamp the image on the nail
Step nine: Clean up using non acetone remover
Step ten: Apply gel shine top coat – I used one from Avon UK
Step eleven: Apply cuticle oil – I used Essence nail repairing oil

Macro shot of one of nails

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.


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