Summer Nails

I have finally done, what I would class as, Summer nails!

Albeit, Summer is almost over here in the UK, although I am not sure it even started really, I think we had 3/4 days of hot weather the rest just average! I did have to take pictures of this mani in the rain – in July.

I wrote in my blog post (Under the Sea) a few days ago about my brother buying me some Bundle Monster plates (I got 20 all together, 2 different collections, 1 nautical and 1 called family ties). I have refused to put them away, they are currently sat on my desk and will only be put away once they have been used.

I love the nautical collection, which also has some Hawaiian themed images and some lovely Summer images.

I never really stick with trends – usually because they are so hard and I am a bit rubbish. But I love the clean cut look of the mani I have done today and seen a lot of people do this type of nails – especially with ‘Summer’ images.

To check out the full tutorial- click here.

There is a quicker version on my Instagram if 2 minutes 48 seconds, is just too long for you :’)

Photo 26-07-2017, 1 09 06 pm
Please excuse my dreadful colouring in, I don’t have a steady hand.

Step one: Paint a white base – I have used Ice Queen, One Step Gel.
Step two: Pick your stamping plates, I used Bundle Monster plates BM-S408
Step three: Pick you stamping polish, I used black Essence Cosmetics
Step four: Pick up the image you want to stamp on your nails onto your stamper – I used my Clear Jelly Stamper.
Step five: Colour in the images from the design using a tooth pick or a small detailed brush
Step six: Stamp your now coloured in image
Step seven: Clean up using non acetone remover
Step eight: Apply gel shine top coat – I used one from Avon UK
Step nine: Apply cuticle oil – I used Essence nail repairing oil

Photo 26-07-2017, 1 08 53 pm



Here is another shot of this mani, this is becoming my favourite shot for my nails.

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.


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