One Step Gel – Update

This blog post is an update from my One Step Gel blog post.

I am so impressed with the gel polish! It lasted 9 days and I only really removed it because it had grown out a bit and I would have struggled to fill it because of the brush size.

I did have a tiny bit of lifting on one side of my middle finger, but this is where non acetone remover wasn’t removing some glitter from a previous mani so I had to use 100% acetone.

I would of definitely snapped a nail if I didn’t have the gel on, especially working in a swimming pool the cleaning and moving equipment.

I will be using this a lot more as a base on my nails, I am going to let my nails soak in oil for today and I will be reapplying the gel again tomorrow.

Overall, 100% recommend this product to anyone who wants a nice easy gel manicure. I love that it doesn’t need a top and base coat and takes no time at all, you don’t need any of that wiping etc.

Photo 24-07-2017, 6 52 21 pm
9 days later, as you can see I did pick the thumb nail off but the fingers all stayed on and you can see the growth.
Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.


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