One Step Gel

Well this is going well… Its been a week and I remembered to post!

This week has been a very busy week so I haven’t actually did any new nail art since last Sunday, I have just had a solid colour which is far to boring to blog about! :’)

But, I am now finally a qualified lifeguard and did my first shift yesterday so no nail art which I usually do on Saturday morning.

Today, I had to go into town to get some acetone and non acetone remover as I have ran out and I am going to my mam’s tomorrow to remove her gels I did for her graduation and doing her some new ones – which obviously means I bought more then I actually wanted.

I bought two One-Step gels from the indoor market – one white (it has a little shimmer running through it) and one black.

I bought the black one as that is what colour my mam wants with some white stamped flowers on – I will be sure to take plenty of photos and let you know how it goes. I have wanted a white gel for a while now as a base for my nail art to keep my nails strong especially now they are so long I would be gutted if they snapped.

I was a bit sceptical about one-step gels and whether or not they would work. Would they dry sticky, how easy they would be to apply, would they last the same as normal gels???

Normally when I do gels they don’t last very long, usually 3 or 4 days before they start to peel and lift which usually means I pick them off and ruin my nails. I assume this is do to my application as most people can manage it :’) I am hopeful this stays on a bit longer without lifting or peeling. (I think they will as I am really happy with the application).

Photo 16-07-2017, 3 57 52 pm

The white is ‘Ice Queen’ by Pretty Professional – Bulletproof Nails. It is white with a shimmer that you can barely see. I did have to do quite a few thin layers of this because it was very translucent and because my tips are slightly stained I needed more polish there.

I think over all I did 4 thin layers all over the nails and then another layer on the tip and some extra polish over the middle bits that were a little see through. I cured each layer in my UV Lamp each layer around 120″ but they were dry a lot sooner then that, but I didn’t want to leave anything to chance! The formula is a bit thinner then what I thought it would be (compared to my other gels which are super thick- maybe this is the issue I have them).

The polish dried non sticky and super smooth and shiny!

But ignore my shocking cuticles, I have ran out of nail oil and haven’t yet managed to order any more.


Overall, I super happy with it so I did both hands!! Once I start doing some nail art etc over it, I will give an update about long it lasted!

Thanks for reading.

Katie, xox.


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