Monthly Review: Kaz Creations

The lovely Kaz Creations sent me some lovely vinyls this month to review for them.

As usual, I really struggled to decide what to review as they have such a huge selection and always have new items, so this time I let Kaz decide for me. She sent me Vinyl Sheet 137, which comes with two different designs on the sheet and you get 40 on the sheet (although the website says you get 36) and are £4.00 per sheet – which compared to other BIG brands is so cheap for the amount you get. Click here to purchase

For my mani, I decided to use the ‘plait’ design vinyl, as I now have long enough nails to do better designs! WOOHOO. I will use the ‘geek‘ style ones for another mani.

I decided to use my new Neon & On collection from Pretty Perfect Polish (which I recently had on my blog >> Birthday Post)

I absolutely love these vinyls, for some reason these are the only ones I have success with! All the others just peel up my base coat no matter how long I wait.

A full tutorial has been uploaded to Youtube – Click here to see it. Youtube has ruined the quality 😦

A quicker verison will also be uploaded to Instagram but not for a few days.


I also did a little dry brush on my pointer and ring finger using the same polishes.

Step 1; Apply base coat, I usually use two different ones. One from Essence which is an anti-spilt base coat and a gold strengthening one from Avon.

Step 2; Apply a base colour of your choice I used Wild White Ways from Essence.

Step 3; Remove vinyls from the sheet and weed if necessary.

Step 4; Apply the vinyl to the nail of choice.

Step 5; Colour in each section of the vinyl using polishes of your choice I used the full Neon & On collection.

Step 6; Peel off vinyl.

Step 7; Top coat the nail.

Thanks for reading

Katie, xox.


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